CAT Vom Feinsten Puding ,Kana 3x85g

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Täiendav lemmikloomatoit täiskasvanud kassidele. Väike vahepala valitud koostisosadega nagu liha, süda ja maks.Vom Feinsten Cat Adult Snack-Pudding (Custard Snack), Multipack puhas kana, 3 x 85g. KOOSTIS:liha ja loomsed saadused (15% kanaliha), taimset päritolu derivaadid, mineraalid. Valk 3%, rasvasisaldus 2%, toorkiud 0,2%, toortuhk 2,6%, niiskus 92%,2 mg 3b605, 300 mg 3a370. Soovitus 3 – 6kg 0.5 – 1tk/24h.Parim enne vt. pakendilt. Tootja: Animonda GmbH, Saksamaa. Maaletooja Komeks Pet Trade OÜ,

Cats love a little treat between meals! And they deserve to be pampered every now and then. A little snack with selected ingredients such as meat, heart and liver that are exclusively chicken is just the right thing. Vom Feinsten Custard Snack pure Chicken allows you some special moments with your cat in which you can pamper your pet and strengthen the bond between the two of you. The consistency encourages your cat to lick out the dish, which you can easily hold in your hand.