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Silma puhastusvahendite komplekt kassidele. Sisaldab praktilisi tooteid silmaümbruse puhastamiseks. Vedelikku ,millega puhastada rähma ja mustust. Komplekti kuulub Eye Envy silmapuhastus vedelik 59ml, Eye Envy silmaümbruse puuder15ml ja 30tk.Eye Envy kuivad vatipadjakesed suletavas purgis.
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Recommended by veterinarians, groomers, and breeders, Eye Envy NR Tear Stain Remover for Dogs gently and effectively removes unsightly stains and acts as a cleanser, an astringent, and a natural antibacterial to stop tear staining at the source. Contains 100% natural ingredients. Has no bleach, peroxide, or harsh chemicals and is safe for puppies. Non-refrigerated formula has a simple, three-step process: Apply solution to dry rayon pad and clean area under eyes, then use powder to keep the area dry and clean. Eye Envy NR Starter Packs include a 4 oz bottle of solution, a 1/2 oz bottle of powder, a jar of pads and a bag of refill pads (approx. 28-30 pads).

Just as effective as the Original formula but does not need to be refrigerated. Eye Envy Solutions are Natural and do not contain Preservatives.
When initially removing stains, it is strongly recommended to use BOTH Eye Envy Solution and powder.
Eye Envy does not contain any bleach, peroxide, steroids or other harmful agents and is topically applied.
This item is safe for all dogs
Kit includes: 4oz Solution bottle, 1/2 oz bottle of powder, and 30 refill pads