Chris Christensen Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse 283g

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Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse (aerosool) annabuskumatu volüümi ja sära, samalajal rikastades kasukat vitamiinide ja rasvhappega. Toode aitab kontrolli all hoida lendlevaid karvu ning kahusust. Loob volüümi, tõstab karva, annab tekstuuri ja sära ning kontrollib igat kasukat olenemata selle tüübist, pikkusest või tekstuurist.
USA toode.
Chris Christensen’s Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse adds incredible volume and shine while infusing nutrients that enrich the coat with vitamins and fatty acids. Fix a myriad of hair traumas, providing instant cures for flyaway, to controlling frizz. Creates volume, lift, texture, shine and control with just about any coat type, length or texture. Add beautiful fullness and build volume with a natural, smooth, silky feel by brushing and/or combing the Mousse through the coat while blowing dry. Creates a course feel to the coat by allowing the Mousse to air dry.