Groomer’s Goop plekke ja halba lõhna eemaldav sprei.

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Plekke ja halba lõhna eemaldavad sprei on mõeldud kodus pindade puhastamiseks. On ohutud kasutada loomade ümbruses ja erinevatel pindadel. Ei sisalda toksilisi kemikaale.
USA toode.

Groomer’s Goop Stain and Odor Eliminators is an enzyme based spot remover without harsh solvents or toxic chemicals designed to remove pet stains, including urine, vomit, and excrement, and eliminate the odors left behind. Helps prevent incidents from pets by removing the odor, thus removing the temptation in the same spot.

Safe for use on all types of materials
Available in spray or convenient 5″ x 8″ wipe for on the go travel
Non-toxic enzyme formula – No harsh solvents
Safe to use around all breeds and ages of dogs and kittens
Made in the USA